In this short video Master Wholesale President Blake Adsero shows you how to polish a tile edge that has been cut to a smooth elegant finish using Master Wholesale's RockMaster Diamond Hand Polishing Pads. These Diamond Hand Polishing Pads have a foam back for comfort and ease of use, and come in grits from 70 grit to 3500 grit. If you have a small job or are just polishing a few tiles this is a great way to get beautiful results. If you have a larger job you will want to invest in a power grinder/polisher and a set of polishing pads.

It is important with the lowest grit (70 grit) to remove all the cutting marks from the tile edge. As you move up the grit levels you go from sanding to polishing, and the final 3200 grit will really smooth and darken the polished edge.