In this Blog Post, Master Wholesale President Blake Adsero shows you how to stone the edge of stone and porcelain tile. This is adding back the beveled edge after cutting the tile for a clean chip free tile edge. If installing tile with schluter edge trim or similar this is an absolute must.

We look at three different products to smooth and stone the tile edges; a Master Wholesale 60 grit rubbing stone, a RockMaster 70 grit Foam Backed Diamond Hand Pad, and an EdgeCraft Diamond Hand File with the coarse grit.

First, you will want to smooth the cut tile edge, then add the bevel. When adding the bevel back hold the file at a 45 degree angle to the edge of the tile. Gently rub along the entire tile side, and for harder stones apply more pressure. Time will vary depending on tile material and tool selected.

The Diamond hand pad did the best job in the least amount of time. while the EdgeCraft came in a close second. The EdgeCraft does come with two other grits for other jobs, which is a plus. The 60 grit rubbing stone works great on softer stone tiles but requires more work for harder stone and porcelain tile. For larger tile jobs grinders with diamond resin pads or sandpaper will save you time. But for small jobs and home craftsmen these are great inexpensive alternatives.