Which Blade Should I Use for Cutting Porcelain Tile?

At Master Wholesale we get a lot of questions about which wet tile saw blade is the best for porcelain tile.  Porcelain tile is a hard material that chips relatively easily.  Turbo rim blades cut quickly but will chip the tile more readily.  Narrow continuous rim blades cut with minimal chipping, but they can wander slightly due to the flexibility of the blade face, producing less than straight cuts.

Masterr Wholesale White Porcelain Blade Alpha Porcellana   MK Hot Dog Porcelain BladeGreen Hornet Blade

There is no single blade that does everything perfectly, but the Alpha Porcellana and our Master Wholesale White Porcelain blade do a very good job at providing a faster cutting, chip free blade.  Both of these blades are only for cutting porcelain and will deteriorate quickly if used on other materials.

If speed is the most important factor, I would go with either our own Green Hornet blade or the MK Hot Dog blade.  Both are very thin rim blades, but the Green Hornet has a thick center for accuracy and stability.  The Hot Dog is a great blade but it can wander when pushed for speed.  If speed and accuracy are paramount, go with the Green Hornet.  If speed and chip free cutting are the most important features, you can’t go wrong with the MK Hot Dog.  Both of these blades can perform well on other harder materials as well, just avoid the softer stones such as marble.   With speed also comes a decrease in the lifespan of the blade.