Imer Combi 250/1000 VA Tile & Stone Saw 1188174

The Imer 250/1000 VA Lite has a powerful 1-3/4hp 110v motor, a 40" max cut (with plunge), a laser guide, and tilts to 45 degrees.

Brand: Imer

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The Imer Combi 250/1000 VA Lite Tile and Stone Saw is designed for those jobs requiring cutting of longer materials, up to 40" in length, yet small enough that a lighter, more portable and affordable saw is appropriate. It sits between the Combi 250VA and Combi 250/1500VA Saws. The 45 degree tilt mechanism allows accurate and easy miter cuts. The new 1.75 hp high torque motor makes quicker work of denser and material. 

Imer Combi 250/1000 VA Lite Tile and Stone Saw Features:

  • A laser cutting guide now comes standard with every Combi 250/1000VA Lite. Mark the line of your cut on the material, line it up with the laser and go!
  • To make a miter cut just tilt the cutting head over to 45 degrees. The cuts are absolutely perfect, make seamless backsplash in just minutes.
  • Plunge cuts are smooth and precise as the cast aluminum cutting head pivots on a sealed bushing. L cuts for door jams are now quick and simple.
  • Aircraft quality cast aluminum materials make for a rigid and light weight saw which will maintain its finish for years to come.
  • The extruded aluminum travel bar design provides a smooth and accurate cut. Maintenance is minimal, just spray and wipe with WD-40.
  • The stand is like the saw, very light and very stable, and has a built in wheel-kit so that the Combi 250/1000 Lite is easy to move around the job site. And it folds in two in seconds to load it up or put it away quickly.

Imer Combicut Tile Saw Specifications:

  250/1000 VA 250/1500 VA 350 IPOWER
Blade Capacity 10" 10" 14"
Blade shaft size 5/8" 5/8" 1"
Cutting length (w/plunge cut) 37" (40") 57" (60") 41-1/2" (47-1/4")
Cutting depth 3-3/4" 3-3/4" 4-3/4" / 2-1/4"
Motor rating 1.75 hp 110v, 15 amp 1.75 hp 110v, 15 amp 4 hp 220v, 15 amp
Blade speed 2800 rpm 2800 rpm 2800 rpm
Weight (boxed, includes stand) 82 (98) lbs 125 (150) lbs 265 (300) lbs
Water pan capacity 12 gal 13 gal 9 gal
Water pump flow 3 gpm 3 gpm ---

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More Information
In the Box
  • 10" continuous rim porcelain blade included
  • Integrated stand with wheel kit
  • Side table for large format tiles
  • Protractor with 180º
  • Complete with high flow water pump
  • Water valve to control water mist
  • Equipped with a laser guide to make cuts quickly and accurately
  • High impact removable poly water pan with baffle
UPC 8033679014216
Manufacturer Imer
Warranty One Year Warranty
Manufacturer Part Number 1188174
Blade Capacity 10"
No Load Speed (rpm) 2,800
Dimensions (L x W x H) 55" x 25" x 24"
Max Length of Cut (in.) 37" (40" w/ plunge cut)
Max Depth of Cut (in) 3-3/4"
Arbor Size 5/8"
HP 1.75
Amps 15
Voltage 110
Weight (lbs.) 82.0
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Customer Questions
What kind of blade comes with this saw? Thanks.
The blade is an Imer branded 10 .in continuous rim blade. It's a mid-grade (premium in our classification system) blade, wet cutting only, that cuts just fine on ceramic tile, stone and some porcelain. For glass and certain porcelain tile, I'd suggest a specialty blade.
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