Imer Step-Up 120 Pumping & Spraying Machine 1106180

The Imer Step-Up 120 Pumping & Spraying Machine is a high performance all in one pump and spray machine which will pump 1 cubic foot a minute, or spray hundreds of square feet per hour.

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The Imer Step-Up 120 Pumping & Spraying Machine is the ideal Mixer Pump for those indoor applications in which more flow or power is needed. Powered by 220 Volts, single phase with inverter technology, this pump is ideal for many different spray and pumping applications. The inverter balances the power and gives the unit variable speed to suit just about any grout, mortar, stucco and more. Sitting atop the Step-Up 120 is a vertical shaft mixer which runs off the main power with 220 Volt producing 2HP with a reversing feature as well. A built in 1HP, dual diaphragm air compressor gives Step-Up 120 the ability to spray materials.

Used on many jobsites for spraying of fire-proofing materials such as Monokote MK-6, Z-106, Overhead repair mortars like those made by BASF, Sike, Euclid, 5 Star, Spec-Mix and more. You will find the Step-Up 120 on around the world pumping and spraying materials with the aid and assistance of the inverter. The inverter produces a virtually perfect size wave of the electricity coming in a modulates the frequency to raise and lower the pump speed. This allows the pump to be used even with the trickiest of materials.

There are 3 main components of the Imer Step-Up 120; Pump, Mixer and Compressor. The mixer is a perfect mate to the pump hopper in that it is a 1:1 ratio. This means that the mixer will not mix more than what the pump hopper will hold.

**This Towable Mixer requires a forklift for removal from the shipping truck. It is too large for a lift-gate.**

Imer Step-Up 120 Pumping & Spraying Machine Specs:

  • Voltage/frequency: 220 volt single phase
  • Pump motor: 3 HP
  • Mixer motor: 2 HP
  • Max aggregate size: 1/4"
  • Maximum flow (cubic yards): 1.5 cu yd
  • Horizontal pumping distance: 200 ft.
  • Vertical pumping distance: 100 ft.
  • Hopper capacity: 4.25 cu ft

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More Information
In the Box
  • Inverter Control panel
  • 66' power cord
  • 66' of water hose Ø 3/4" (19 mm)
  • Remote control ready
  • 3 hp Single-Phase 100% duty cycle motor
  • IM25L rotor/stator
  • Tow kit
  • Grate for premixed materials
  • Accessory tool box
WarrantyOne Year Warranty
Manufacturer Part Number1106180
Motor220V/60Hz, Single Phase
Size (L x W x H)80" x 33" x 38"
Net Weight (lbs.)616.00
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Question:How many bags per hour?

Answer: The pump rates vary depending on material. Please let us know what type of material you will primarily be using and we will get the rate for you.

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