Norton GMAX Medium/Soft Aggregate Concrete Diamond Blade

Norton GMAX Med/Soft aggregate Concrete Diamond Blade
Norton GMAX Medium/Soft Aggregate Concrete Diamond Blade
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Product Description

Norton GMAX Medium/Soft Aggregate Concrete Diamond Blades are designed with a thicker core that resists flexing and provides a straighter cut with less spalling and make quick work of early entry/green concrete cutting. The anchor slot gullets reduce vibration for less chipping, and the exclusive universal arbor adapts to all models.

Norton GMAX Medium/Soft Aggregate Concrete Diamond Blades feature:

  • Anchor Slot Gullet Technology - Increases productivity by reducing vibration, for a smoother cut, while keeping the blade cool and extending life.
  • Thicker Core - Resists flexing and provides faster cut for less spalling.
  • Exclusive Universal Arbor - Allows the GMAX blade to be used on most early entry/green concrete saws.

The yellow segment specification makes early entry cutting easy in limestone, granite and other softer aggregate mixtures.

Quick Specs:

Size MAX RPM Segment Height Power Part Number
6" x .110" x 1"-7/8"-5/8" 10185 .350" 4.3hp 70184641866
10" x .110" x 1"-7/8"-5/8" 6115 .350" 13hp 70184641861
13.5" x .125" x 1"-7/8"-5/8" 4365 .350" 23hp 70184641871

Porcelain Tile PeformanceNot Recommended
Marble PerformanceFair
Granite PerformanceGood
Hard Granite PerformanceGood
Brick/Block PerformanceGood
Asphalt PerformanceExcellent
Green Concrete PerformanceExcellent
Concrete PerformanceGood

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Norton
Size (L x W x H): 6" x 6" x .110" - 13.5" x 13.5" x .125"
Net Weight (lbs.): 0.73 - 3.72
Blade Type: Segmented Rim
Arbor Size: 1", 5/8", 7/8"
Ceramic Tile Peformance: Not Recommended
Glass Tile Peformance: Not Recommended
Thickness: .110" - .125"
Wet or Dry: Wet or Dry
Segment Height (in): .350"

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