Barwalt Hollow Tile Cross-Spacers - 3/16" & 1/8"

Barwalt Hollow Tile Cross-Spacers

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Barwalt Hollow Tile Cross-Spacers - 3/16" & 1/8"
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Product Description

The original leave-in spacer. Years of research led to a spacer that would react like a rubber spacer but be hollow, so it will stay in the joint and can be grouted over. Now the installer can grout a day earlier and not have to come back to remove the spacers before grouting. The Hollow Spacers will adjust up to 10% and not compress further and these spacers are longer to handle the radius corner tiles. Come in 3/16" tile spacers and 1/8" tile spacers.

The 1/16" granite spacer is not hollow and must be removed.

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SKU: barwalt-hollow-cross
Manufacturer: Barwalt

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