RockMaster™ Smooth Cut Continuous Rim Diamond Hole Saw Bits - Wet/Dry

RockMaster Smooth Cut Continuous Rim Diamond Hole Saw Bits - Wet/Dry

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RockMaster™ Smooth Cut Continuous Rim Diamond Hole Saw Bits - Wet/Dry
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Product Description

RockMaster Continuous Rim Diamond Hole Saw Bits are perfect for drilling holes though a wide variety of stone and tile when an exceptionally smooth, clean cut is required. They have a carbide tipped pilot bit with a high quality continuous diamond outer rim. For softer material leave the pilot bit in and for harder material remove the pilot bit for drilling though granite or other hard materials. Suitable for 3/8" drills (threaded versions have 5/8"-11 threads).

Please note that all diamond hole saws, including RockMaster™ brand products, will see increased wear and a decreased lifespan when cutting harder materials.

*Very Important: Remove pilot bit or chuck in center and use a template to drill on porcelain, hard tile, or granite. Checkout the video for demo.


Product Specifications

Manufacturer: RockMaster
Wet or Dry: Wet or Dry

Product Questions & Answers

Q: what is the diameter of the left over piece of stone inside the hole saw on both 1 5/8 or 1 3/4 , I polish the edges and use them as caps
The walls of the bits are approximately 0.10 .in in diameter. The diameter of the plug would likely be about 1/4 .in - 1/3 .in smaller than the bit diameter based on how clean the hole was cut.
MWI answered on August 17, 2017
Q: What is the depth of the cutting portion of the bit?
The diamond matrix on these bits has a height of .25 .in while the bit cylinder is 1.75 .in tall. The bit has a useful cutting depth of around 1-5/8 .in.
MWI Customer Service answered on October 12, 2017
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