RockMaster™ Diamond Hole Saw Bits - Wet/Dry

RockMaster™ Diamond Hole Saw Bits - Wet/Dry
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Product Description

Our Master Wholesale Wet or Dry Cutting RockMaster Diamond Hole Saw Bits are a fast cutting bit, good for drilling through granite, marble, porcelain and ceramic tile, and natural stones. They are designed for use in a 3/8" or 1/2" drill and feature a removable pilot bit for hard materials such as granite and marble. These bits may be used either wet or dry and can be used on material up to 1-3/4" in thickness. Both non-coring and coring hole saw bits depending on size of the bit.

*Very Important: Remove pilot bit or chuck in center and use a template to drill on porcelain, hard tile, or granite. 

 Checkout this video demostaration on dry core drilling on tile or stone using a RockMaster Diamond Hole Saw Bit:



Product Specifications

Manufacturer: RockMaster
MPN: t-core_st
Wet or Dry: Wet or Dry

Product Questions & Answers

Q: Does this diamond hole saw bit dry drill through concrete? The concrete is approximately 3/8 .in thick. If not, is there a bit that would?
Yes, these will drill on concrete as well.
Customer Support answered on March 5, 2018
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