RockMaster™ 4" TriCut 3 Step Polishing Pads

RockMaster™ 4" TriCut 3 Step Polishing Pads

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RockMaster™ 4" TriCut 3 Step Polishing Pads
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Product Description

The new RockMaster 4" Tricut 3-step polishing system will cut your polishing time by 50%! With 7 piece polishing pad sets, skipping steps results in scratches too deep to be polished out. Our new TriCut pad design allows the fabricator to skip steps saving time and money, while still delivering professional results. The high quality diamonds in these pads fracture easily during polishing, allowing continuous exposure to fresh diamond surfaces. These pads have extremely high diamond content allowing each pad to work the stone more thoroughly. Because of this, the stone can be brought to a very high polish with only 3 polishing steps.

Ideal for polishing granite and marble, either wet or dry. Wet polishing is required if using on engineered stone! You will achieve higher sheen on natural stone if used wet. Can be used on polishers at speeds from 2000 to 3800 RPM. We suggest using at 3800 RPM for optimum performance.

Made in Korea.

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: RockMaster
Size (L x W x H): 4" x 4" x 1/8"
Pad Size: 4"
Wet or Dry: Wet Only
Net Weight (lbs.): 0.1

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