Rubi TS-Max Series Tile Cutters w/ Case

Rubi TS-Max Series Tile Cutters w/ Case

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Rubi TS-Max Series Tile Cutters w/ Case
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Product Description

TS-Max cutters are professional grade tools suitable for use on ceramic tiles, especially for frequent cutting of porcelain tiles.  They include a high performance single point breaker with 1764 lbs. of maximum breaking pressure, specially designed for cutting very hard materials with maximum thicknesses of 9/16”. The breaker includes the "Smart Power" function via which the breaker itself regulates the breaking pressure depending on the thickness of the tile, applying maximum pressure to materials of greater thickness.

The handle on the TS-MAX tile cutters uses an ergonomic design, providing the user greater comfort while working. All models include a large lateral stop for better gripping of ceramic tiles, and more precision in repetitive cuts.  They have a large, reinforced base for greater comfort and stability while working. The TS-MAX tile cutters are equipped with two chromed steel guides, rectified and calibrated, and with anti-corrosion treatment. This double guide system offers the user better and greater visibility of the scoring line, thus obtaining high precision in every cut.

These cutters accept the full range of RUBI interchangeable scoring wheels from 1/4" to 7/8”, which allows for adapting TS-MAX tile cutters to each ceramic material, and achieving maximum performance and cut quality. TS-MAX tile cutters include two scoring wheels as standard: one of 1/4" for cutting tiles and another of 13/32” for glazed stoneware.


  • Progressive separation system "SMART POWER" that adapts to each type of material.
  • Wide base for greater steadiness and cutting quality.
  • Reinforced components for heavy duty work.Higher durability.
  • Ergonomic handles. Maximum comfort.
  TS-43 Max (18972) TS-57 Max (18973) TS-66 Max (18974) TS-75 Max (18975)
Max Cut Length 17" 22" 26" 29"
Diagonal cutting length 12" x 12" 16" x 16" 18" x 18" 21" x 21"
Cutting height 1/4" - 5/8" 1/4" - 5/8" 1/4" - 5/8" 1/4" - 5/8"
Separator power 1764 lbs. 1764 lbs. 1764 lbs/ 1764 lbs/
Weight 19.4 lbs. 19.6 lbs. 33 lbs. 34.8 lbs.

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Rubi Tools
Size (L x W x H): 31.14" x 13.94" x 5.31" - 38.59" x 17.73" x 5.34"
Max Length of Cut (in.): 17" / 22" / 26" / 29 1/2"
Net Weight (lbs.): 19.4 - 34.8

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2 Customer Reviews

The best I've used so far. The breaker is very powerful and cuts come out really clean.
Review by Caleb / (Posted on 6/19/2017)
High quality tile cutter
Love this one. Really high quality, base is reinforced, powerful breaker, comes with case and lateral stop for repetitive cuts, I’ll use it again!
Review by John36 / (Posted on 5/23/2017)
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