Schluter DITRA & DITRA XL - Uncoupling Membranes

DITRA & DITRA XL Membranes are uncoupling & waterproofing membranes recommended for any even and load-bearing substrates such as plywood or OSB.
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DITRA & DITRA XL Membranes are uncoupling and waterproofing membranes that are recommended for any even and load-bearing substrate such as: plywood and OSB; 24" o.c. truss and I-joist systems; green concrete; gypsum-based screeds; pre-stressed and post-tensioned concrete; and radiant-heated floors. For most tile installations, Schluter - DITRA / DITRA XL eliminates the need for a second layer of plywood or for the use of the cementitious backer-board. Schluter DITRA / DITRA XL ensures a lasting installation by allowing independent movement between the tile covering and the substrate. This eliminates the transfer of stresses from the substrate to the tile covering. In addition, These Schluter-DITRA Membranes are lighter, thinner, and easier to apply than any other underlayment.

Schluter Ditra and Schluter Ditra XL Feature:

  • Exclusively designed for ceramic and stone tile surfaces
  • Neutralizes stress between the subfloor and tile surface, eliminating the main cause of cracking
  • Waterproofs and allows moisture in the substrate to evaporate
  • Allows ceramic tile installations over single-layer plywood (at least 5/8" thick over 16" o.c. floor joists), eliminating the need for a second sheet of plywood or backer-board
  • Ideal for interior and exterior tile and stone installations
  • DITRA: 1/8" x 3' 3"
  • DITRA XL: 5/16" x 3' 3"

Schluter Ditra comes in 39" width rolls. Ditra is sold by the linear foot.

Download KERDI-DRAIN Installation Handbook
Download DITRA Uncoupling Data Sheet

More Information
Non-Returnable No
Manufacturer Schluter
Warranty 5 Year Limited Warranty
Weight (lbs.) 0.40 - 18.40
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1' x 3'3" x 1/8" - 53'3" x 3'3" x 5/16"
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Customer Questions
How much sq foot comes in one roll?
1784.25 sq ft in a roll
Can you buy Ditra XL in a roll? If so, what are the width and roll lengths. What mat dimensions does Ditra XL com in?
Yes, the rolls are 3'3" x 53'3" it is the 3rd option on this product page:, we need to update the title but the SKU is S DITRA XL175
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