Wedi Fundo Primo Shower Bases with Drain Assembly

Wedi Fundo Primo Shower Pans (Bases) are 100% waterproof, have a precisely uniform predefined gradient, and are economical and reliable.
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The Wedi Fundo Primo Shower Pan (Base) is a fully waterproof, pre-sloped shower floor base with an integrated waterproofed point drain connection for fast-track installations. It eliminates the many different steps and products involved in traditional mortar bed or semi pre-fabricated sheet or liquid membrane system installations. Fundo Primo can be customized in the field and cut to size, allowing it to be used on shower stalls smaller (or larger, with extensions) than the nominal size of the product. Fundo Primo is available in select sizes featuring centered and off-centered drain options.

The Wedi Shower Pans (Bases) come with even perimeter thickness for easy recessing into subfloor construction, however curbs may also be used with Fundo Primo. Fundo Primo can be directly tiled over upon installation and there is no limitation to the size of tile or type of tile and cement based tile setting materials selected.

Wedi Fundo Primo Bases are available with select drain cover options. Due to the precise slope fields of the Fundo Primo, large or small format tile may be used. Within each slope field the tile will be fully supported over an even yet sloped surface. Where slope fields meet, grout lines should be designed when using tile larger than 4" x 4" as these should not span across two slope fields.

Wedi Fundo Primo Shower Pans (Bases) Feature:

  • Exactly uniform predefined gradient
  • Huge variety of design, function and format
  • Economical and reliable
  • 100% waterproof

Wedi Fundo Primo Shower Pans (Bases) Include:

  • Wedi Primo Shower Base Panel with drain cutout
  • Wedi drain assembly

Wedi Fundo Primo Shower Pan Models & Technical Drawings:

Model # Size Technical Drawing
073735507 36" x 36" Download
073735516 36" x 48" Download
073735506 36" x 60" Download
073735525 36" x 72" w/center drain Download
073735521 36" x 72" w/offset drain Download
073735527 42" x 60" Download
073735528 42" x 72" Download
073735505 48" x 48" Download
073735509 48" x 60" Download
073735508 48" x 72" Download
073735522 48" x 84" Download
073735518 60" x 60" Download
073735519 60" x 72" Download
073735523 60" x 84" Download
073735524 72" x 72" Download

Download Fundo Primo Brochure
Download Assembly and Installation Instructions

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Question:In the picture I see a diamond shaped basin however, all the diagram pictures are square or rectangle. Is there a specific diamond basin?

Answer: There are no currently available diamond-shaped bases. The image was provided by wedi and is a few years old.

Question:How durable are these pans. I noticed you can dent them just by kneeling on them. Will they dent after tile is installed over pan?

Answer: Once you thinset and tile these are extremely durable and one of the best waterproofing products on the market.

Question:I’m planning a 36” x 42” shower. Can the 36 x 48 base be shortened 3” on each end?

Answer: Yes, you will want to cut on both sides to maintain center drain. Make sure you reapply the lip on the cuts. The wedi video at the bottom of the product page will show you how to do it.

Question:We have a 30 inch x 5 ft shower/tub enclosure that we are going to tear out and tile. Does the wedi system have a 2.5 x 5 ft with offset drain? Thanks

Answer: They don't make that particular size but you can use the 36 .in x 72 .in offset drain (073735521) and cut it to size, 3 inches from each side and 12 inches from the length opposite the drain side to maintain the offset drain. Be sure to add back the lip on the cut sides, the wedi video will show you how to do that.

Question:What is the minimum distance from drain to edge? Can these be trimmed to accommodate a drain that is not centered?

Answer: Yes these bases can be trimmed more on one side than another to fit a drain that is off center. On a couple of the sizes there is already an offset option. The slope is the same all the way to the drain so there really is not a minimum required to be left, although you would not want it to be less than the cutout in the substrate for the drain assembly. Please give us a call to let us know what your plan is and we can recommend the right size base to fit your needs. Also see the video on the product page to show you how to cut the base and reapply the lip on the cut edges.

Question:I’m planning an 84” x 67” shower. I see wedi makes an 84” x 60” shower base. Can I add a 7” extender to the short side? If so, which one?

Answer: Yes, You will need the 72 .in x 12 .in Wedi shower base extension 73783523, and cut it to your needed size. These follow and extend the slope of the wedi shower bases. Make sure to cut the lip into the extension after you cut to size and keep in mind where you want the drain, The base can be cut to fit as well. We are available for project help if you need, give us a call at 800-938-7925.

Question:Can you add a seat (to be tiled) on top of a wedi pan? I am thinking of the 36x72 pan with offset drain in place of an existing bathtub.

Answer: Yes, the wedi seats are designed to be mounted on top of the wedi pans. You do also have the option of a suspended wedi corner seat that is wall mounted.

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