Wedi Subliner Dry Mixing Valve Flexi Collar - US5000000

The 5" x 5" Wedi Subliner Dry mixing valve collar is designed for mixing valve pipes protrusions through Wedi panels. (3.9" interior opening)

Brand: Wedi

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5" x 5" Subliner Dry mixing valve collar designed for mixing valve pipes protrusions through Wedi panels. This Flexi collar has an interior opening diameter of 3.9". Wedi part number US5000000

Subliner Dry is a waterproof, thin-layer, crack isolating sealing mat is made from highly tear-resistant polyethylene film, which offers optimum connection to tile laying materials thanks to its dual-sided special fleece lamination. The installation over preexisting wall surfaces is smooth and any thinset suitable for the tile or stone finish may be used on top of the Wedi system. The Wedi Subliner Dry is part of the Wedi System which includes Wedi sealing tape, prefabricated corner tape and plumbing fixture collars as well as bonding flange drains, sold separately.

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Net Weight (lbs.)0.14
Manufacturer Part NumberUS5000000
Size (L x W x H)5" x 5"
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Question:Is the Wedi Flexi mixing valve collar a universal fit or do I have to order to fit the mixing valve. Thank you, Bill Z

Answer: The Wedi Flexi Mixing Valve Collar fits most but not all. You will need to look at what size hole you need to cut and see if its the same size as the mixing valve gasket.

Question:Hi, I have been looking for instructions stating how to install the wedi Mixing Valve Flexi Collar and have not been successful. Please supply.

Answer: Unfortunately, wedi does not have a specific installation video on these. They are designed to be used with wedi board, so here are the instructions to mount to wedi board. In order to install the wedi mixing valve cover you need to measure the outside diameter of the collar, (approximately 4 .in), and cut that size hole in the wedi board that will surround the mixing valve. Then, after the wedi board is mounted, apply some thinset around the hole and slide the collar into place. Then embed the collar surrounds into the thinset, using a wedi corner putty knife. let dry, then coat the top of the seams with wedi joint sealant. has a comment section for additional help, or feel free to give us a call at 800-938-7925.

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