Wedi Fundo Primo Shower Kit

Wedi Fundo Primo Shower Kit
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Product Description

The wedi Fundo Primo Shower System is a complete kit with all the necessary materials for a wedi shower installation. It features a point drainage solution with a square drain grate and is suitable for fast and safe renovation and new construction installations. Primo is internally waterproof due to the wedi XPS foam's closed cell structure and naturally protects against mold or mildew like every wedi XPS foam based product. It is easy to cut wedi foam to fit custom designs while the level of prefabrication reduces installation time significantly.

The shower floor unit features a strong and pre-sloped wedi foam surface which can be tiled over immediately with anything from mosaic size to large format tile. The drain unit and drain cover set is included with each Primo shower floor unit, while further optional drain cover designs are available. Pre-sloped extension panels are also available so that virtually no limit exists for making any size or shape for custom shower designs happen.

The added values offered by Fundo Primo come in the form of many more performance advantages. Fundo Primo has insulating properties keeping surfaces warmer; especially when compared to traditional mortar bed installations or other currently known methods for building showers such as those including use of sheet – or liquid waterproofing membranes. wedi Fundo Primo's simplicity and high performance makes it the highest quality shower installation system on the market, while greatly decreasing time and effort required for install.

Fundo Primo adds speed, safety and consistency to your installation: Measure, cut if necessary, thinset to subfloor, connect drain, and you are done. The most unique advantage, however, is the complete waterproofing inherent in wedi products.  


  • Exactly uniform predefined gradient
  • Huge variety of design, function and format
  • Economical and reliable
  • 100% waterproof

What is included in each kit variation:

  36" x 48" 36" x 60" 36" x 72" offset drain
36" x 72" cente drain
48" x 48" 48" x 60" 48" x 72"
Shower Pan 3' x 4' 3' x 5' 3' x 6' Offset 3' x 6' Center 4' x 4' 4' x 5' 4' x 6'
1/2” Panels 3' x 5' (6) 3' x 5' (6) 3' x 5' (6) 3' x 5' (6) 3' x 5' (7) 3' x 5' (7) 3' x 5' (8)
Lean Curbs 5' (1) 5' (1) 6' (1) 6' (1) 5' (1) 5' (1) 6' (1)
wedi Drain Kit 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
wedi Joint Sealant 10 oz. Tube (8) 10 oz. Tube (8) 10 oz. Tube (8) 10 oz. Tube (8) 10 oz. Tube (8) 10 oz. Tube (9) 10 oz. Tube (9)
Screws 100 ct. 100 ct. 100 ct. 100 ct. 100 ct. 100 ct. 100 ct.
Washers 100 ct. 100 ct. 100 ct. 100 ct. 100 ct. 100 ct. 100 ct.
Mixing Valve Collar 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Showerhead Flexi Collar 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Corner Putty Knife 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
wedi DVD 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
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Download the Brochure
2017 Fundo Primo Updates
Assembly instruction Fundo Primo

Product Specifications

In the Box:
  • Wedi Fundo Primo Shower pan
  • Panel 1/2"
  • Curb
  • wedi Drain Kit
  • wedi Joint Sealant
  • Screws 
  • Washers
  • Mixing Valve Collar
  • Flex Collar
  • wedi Fundo Kit Box
  • Corner Putty Knife
  • wedi DVD
SKU: w-fp_kit
Non-Returnable: Yes
Manufacturer: Wedi

Product Questions & Answers

Q: I want to use a 48" x 60" base but my existing drain is located 17'" from one side and 21" from the other. What do you suggest I do?
You just need to cut off 3" from one side and cut 7" from the other side to make it fit. No problem to cut these bases to fit your project.
Customer Support answered on June 28, 2017
Q: Do you have to use the curbs on these kits? Or can I cut my floor down to make it even? We just found out my wife has ALS and we need a roll in shower.
The curb-less shower kit is called the wedi Fundo Ligno. We carry that as well. It is not available in kit form, but if you tell us which size shower pan you need, we can provide a list of additional items to complete the shower.
MWI answered on August 14, 2017
Q: Does the 30" x 60" shower system come with a right hand drain that will fit an existing drain that has approx. dimensions of 16" x 10" ?
The 36" x 60" kit is designed to fit where a tub used to be, and hook into the existing drain (16" x 10" from walls). Note, there is no 30", only 36" x 60".
MWI answered on August 16, 2017
Q: I would like to install a 36 x 60 kit. That's the size of the opening. I also want to include a bench. Does the bench install on top of the base?
Yes the benches install on top of the shower bases, Wedi also makes suspended shower seats that attach to the wedi board walls. Check-out Wedi's YouTube Channel for some great demo videos on shower installations for tips.
Customer Support answered on December 6, 2017
Q: How "deep" does the 5” hole to be cut in the subfloor around the drain need to be? I may have a clearance issue if deeper than my 1-1/4" floor.
What drain set up do you have?
Customer Support answered on December 28, 2017
Q: The 36" x 72" offset drain kit it shows the base being angled on all four sides. My question is can you use larger (1' X1') or larger tile?
Yes, you can use larger tiles on these, you would just want to make the cuts where the angles in the slope change, see the diagrams of the pans in pictures.
Customer Support answered on January 16, 2018
Q: Will this system fit the old tub location 30" x 60" with a kerb at least 4" high. I need the 3 side panels to be 8' tall?
The wedi 36" x 60" kit could be cut down to fit the 30" location but only comes with enough wedi board to cover 3 80" walls, and the foam lean curb is 3-1/2" tall. Might be better to buy the pieces that you need separately.
Customer Support answered on June 28, 2017
Q: If the base is trimmed to a custom size, does it then need to be routed to restore the dovetail?
Yes, It does need to be channeled, Copy and paste this link into your browser for a wedi video to show you how to do it.
Customer Support answered on July 24, 2017
Q: Do I need to purchase extra Wedi sealant with this kit?
You don't need to purchase extra tubes of Wedi sealant in most cases, however if you tend to be very sloppy, an extra tube wouldn't hurt.
MWI answered on June 6, 2017
Q: whats the longest this can be extended to? I have a client with a 96"x56" shower.
They don't make it in the kit but they do make a 50" x 72" base with center drain and you could add a 24" base extension making 96". Look under our listing: Wedi Fundo Primo Shower Bases with Drain Assembly.
Customer Support answered on July 30, 2017

2 Customer Reviews

Easiest way to form up a shower
Absolutely wonderful, easiest way to form up a shower. Fast and secure, forming a totally waterproof shell. From bare concrete and studs to tiling in less than 6 hours. Have used this kit multiple times with outstanding results. Would highly recommend.
Review by Jeffery / (Posted on 9/15/2017)
Not cheap but worth it
I've installed 3 wedi showers at this point, and while they aren't cheap, the quality is worth it. The installs are so much faster. Save yourself the headache, wedi is the real deal.
Review by J. Thomas / (Posted on 6/6/2017)
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