• Master Wholesale Economy Dry Polishing Kit Demo

    In this video Blake demonstrates the use of the Economy Dry Polishing Kit from Master Wholesale. This kit contains everything you need to start polishing stone counters and tiles; including the Blaster variable speed grinder, a 7 piece set of RockMaster Diamond Dry Polishing E-Pads, and a 4" velcro pad holder. For the do-it-yourself crowd, this is the ideal way to get professional results at an affordable price.

  • Oscillating Tool Shootout - Fein, DeWalt and Makita

    Fein started it all with the MultiMaster; an oscillating hand tool that allows you to quickly cut, strip, scrape, sand, and just about anything else in areas that would be impossible to reach with standard tools.  These tools are really indispensable, and once you’ve owned one, you will always have one in your toolbox because they save so much time.  There are now a wide variety of brands available.   We are going to review 3 that we carry here at Master Wholesale, and that we use, or have used regularly.

    Fein Multimaster Start 250 Q

    Fein FMM 250 Q

    The original oscillating tool, you can tell when you pick it up it is the real deal.  It’s relatively heavy, but in a reassuring way.  I have personally used this particular tool for many years, on many projects, and it hasn’t had a single issue.  Everything about it is robust, including the 16 ½’,  power cord which is both flexible and durable.  There is no discernible flexing of the dense matte plastic housing during heavy use.  Despite oscillating at between 10,000 and almost 20,000 RPM, it doesn’t create excessive hand fatigue.  The weight of the tool, coupled with it’s precise balance and anti-vibration system, makes the MultiMaster surprisingly comfortable to use.  The blade change mechanism is top notch as well.  This tool has plenty of power, and you’ll find that when pushed, the material is going to be the thing smoking, and not the Fein.

    The Fein also has the largest selection, and highest quality blades, scrapers and sanding accessories available.  Overall, their status at the top is unchallenged, and they are priced accordingly.


    Dewalt’s DWE315K

    After the Fein, the Dewalt’s DWE315K would be my second choice.  Like the Fein, it really feels solid in your hand.  Weight is similar, and it just feels very substantial.  It performs similarly to the Fein, but I prefer the Fein blades and accessories.  The wider speed range of the Dewalt does make a difference for detail sanding.  Lower motor speeds will heat the tool up as well, limiting lifespan.  This is probably why the Fein starts at 10,000, which does work pretty well for sanding.  The Dewalt adds some features that some may like, such as the LED, which does make working with the tool in dark recesses a bit nicer.  The variable speed trigger isn’t as useful as you would think.  I find it a bit more difficult to use because of that.  I prefer to set and go, regarding the speed.  The 10’ power cord is adequate.  The blade change mechanism is solid and very easy to use.  Overall, this is a nice tool, and at about $50 cheaper than the Fein, reasonably priced for what you get.



    Makita TM3010CX1

    The Makita TM3010CX1 is another quality oscillating tool that gets the job done, but it lives in the Fein shadow as well.  It has plenty of power, but it not quite as well balanced as the Fein, which means a little more vibration and hand fatigue.  Overall, this tool is solid though.  The weak link is the accessories.  Like the Dewalt, you can use Fein attachments on the Makita, and I highly recommend doing just that.  The motor operates in a similar but larger range than the Fein, from 6,000 to 20,000 RPM.  Overall, the feature set of this tool is more spartan than the Dewalt.  No LED, no variable speed trigger.  The tool-less clamp system is simple and rugged.  Overall, this is a fine quality tool, performing close to the Fein and about on par with the Dewalt.  All three tools are professional grade, and will perform well for you, especially when used with the Fein attachments, which all 3 do.

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