MasterHeat Snow Melting Cables - 208vac

MasterHeat Snow Melting Cables are designed to be set into concrete or asphalt, are great for odd-shaped areas and keep driveways, steps and patios snow and ice free in winter.
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MasterHeat Snow Melting Cables are surrounded with high-temperature ETFE insulation and the engineered polyurethane outer jacket tolerates 300º F asphalt for long life and jobsite toughness, including installation in asphalt.

The MasterHeat Snow Melting Cables are usually tied to reinforcing wire 3 or 4 inches on center. That provides either 50 or 38 Watts per square foot. MasterHeat cable can go perimeter to perimeter or fill odd-shaped areas for complete snow melting coverage.

Master Heat Snow Melting Cables Features and Coverage Chart:

  • All the cables terminate at one end with a power lead so you only make one connection to your electrical source.
  • MasterHeat cables save on material costs, give you more flexibility and carry a 10 year limited warranty.
  • MasterHeat Cable offers versatility. Odd shaped areas can easily be snow melted. Some of these include porches, steps, driveways, and sidewalks.

Item # 3" OC Coverage  4" OC Coverage  Length  Amp Draw 
mh_81013235   14 Sq. Ft. 19 Sq. Ft. 55' 3.4
mh_81013236 20 Sq. Ft. 26 Sq. Ft. 78' 4.8
mh_81013237 30 Sq. Ft. 39 Sq. Ft. 118' 7.2
mh_81013238 35 Sq. Ft. 46 Sq. Ft. 138' 8.4
mh_81011383 40 Sq. Ft. 53 Sq. Ft. 158' 9.6
mh_81011384 45 Sq. Ft. 59 Sq. Ft. 178' 10.8
mh_81011385 55 Sq. Ft. 72 Sq. Ft. 218' 13.2
mh_81011386 60 Sq. Ft. 79 Sq. Ft. 238' 14.4
mh_81011387 65 Sq. Ft. 85 Sq. Ft. 257' 15.6
mh_81011388 75 Sq. Ft. 98 Sq. Ft. 297' 18
mh_81011389 80 Sq. Ft. 105 Sq. Ft. 317' 19.2
mh_81011390 90 Sq. Ft. 118 Sq. Ft. 357' 21.6

OC = on center

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Warranty25 Year Limited Warranty
Net Weight (lbs.)4.5 - 8.5
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