ceramic tile

  1. Ishii Red Turbo Jet Tile Cutters

    In this video Blake shows you how to set-up and use the Ishii Red Turbo Jet Tile Cutters.
  2. Ishii Tile Cutter Instruction Video

    In this video, Blake shows you how to assemble and use the latest version of the popular Ishii blue Big Clinker tile cutters.
  3. Ceramic Tile Cutter Shootout - Ishii, Superior and Sigma

    In this video, Blake compares the performance of three popular tile cutters: the Ishii Big Clinker, the Sigma 3C2 and the Superior Piano Board cutter.
  4. Installing Radiant In Floor Heating

    Important: This post is a very general guide to help you understand the differences in complexity of installing various in floor heating systems.  This article DOES NOT replace the instructions that shipped with the product, and we won’t cover all steps or product limitations.  Always follow the instructions you receive with the product when installing in floor heating. With installation...
  5. Choosing the Right Grout Float

    Each type of grout has a specific consistency, and it is important to choose the appropriate float or it will be difficult to manipulate the grout.  Harder grout floats will scratch softer materials. You should choose the least abrasive grouts when working with softer stones and tiles, and use a float with a more flexible face.  Regarding scratching surfaces, I...

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