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  1. MK Diamond MK TX 4 Demonstration

    MK Diamond MK TX 4 Demonstration
    Master Wholesale President Blake Adsero puts the MK Diamond MK TX 4 Tile Saw to task and highlights some of the new innovative features of this new tile saw.    
  2. How To Dress Or Sharpen A Diamond Saw Blade

    In this video, Blake Adsero, Master Wholesale President, shows you how to dress or sharpen a diamond tile saw blade. Diamond Blades that have seen heavy use may not cut efficiently (or at all). Dressing the diamond blade reconditions the tile saw blade by removing glazing debris caused by use, heat, and friction, and re-exposing fresh diamond. The Master Wholesale...
  3. Ceramic Tile Cutter Shootout - Ishii, Superior and Sigma

    In this video, Blake compares the performance of three popular tile cutters: the Ishii Big Clinker, the Sigma 3C2 and the Superior Piano Board cutter.
  4. Tile Saw Comparison Shootout - 4 Top Tile Saws Reviewed

    Welcome to Master Wholesale’s first comparison video. I’m Blake, president of Master Wholesale. We want to give our customers an easy way to compare the features and performance of 4 industry leading tile saws. We’re going to be featuring saws that cut over 24". The four tile saws that Master Wholesale has compared for this video are: the Husqvarna TS60...

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