RPM - Radiant Positioning Mats for Electric In-floor Heating - 20" x 44"

Radiant Positioning Mats - RPM

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RPM - Radiant Positioning Mats for Electric In-floor Heating - 20" x 44"
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Product Description

For over a decade Radiant Positioning Mats have been used as a backerboard replacing, anti-fracture membrane, designed specifically to ease the installation process for all brands of electric in-floor heat wire. The unique stud placement and design allows for wire spacing at any 1/2" increment, all while protecting the wire, during and after installation. Other benefits include; a thinner installation, easy cement leveling over wire, makes wire layout adjustments fast and easy, lightweight and cuts with no dust, rated tough enough for automobile showrooms and shopping malls, multiple flooring options other than tile can be used on top, made in the USA from 80-90% recycled materials, available in 5/16" and 1/2" thicknesses.

RPM - Radiant Positioning Mats features:

  • Installs directly over plywood or concrete.
  • Over plywood the RPM mats replace a cement or fiber backerboard.
  • Over concrete the RPM mats insulate the substrate and allow the heat cables energy to be directed toward the surface rather than heating the concrete slab, thus making it more energy efficient and maximizing the heat on the flooring surface.
  • Cuts quickly and easily using a razor blade to score and snap.
  • The cable is unspooled directly into the RPM mats, below the installers feet, minimizing the risk of the cable getting damaged during installation.
  • Stud spacing configured to allow the cable to be installed at 2", 2.5", 3" or any desired spacing.
  • Rubber grommets keep the cable in place during install and allows for a quick installation or re-positioning of the heat cable.
  • A cement leveling material is poured into the RPM mats and the top of the studs are used as the screeding surface.
  • The mats being made of plastic and the grommets being made of rubber eliminates the risk of the heat cable grounding out to any metal strapping or clips.
  • Prime with a water-based, latex self-leveling primer, and fill with a self-leveling or trowelable underlayment (Master Wholesale stocks these products from a variety of vendors)
  • In the event a portion of the flooring needs to be removed, the heat cable stays protected from any flooring removal tools, greatly reducing the risk of damage to the heat cable.\
RPM Mat Sizes:
  • RPM-500: 1/2 in. stud height
  • RPM-330: 5/16 in. stud height
  • 20 in (w) x 44in (l)
  • One mat covers 6.11 sq.ft



Product Specifications

Manufacturer: CMX Radiant Corp

Product Questions & Answers

Q: Do you stock all the parts to complete the installation of the mats and wiring?
Yes, You can get wiring kits, thermostats, Adhesive, thinset, and even tile, all at Master Wholesale.
Customer Support answered on November 30, 2017
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