Schluter DITRA-DRAIN Membrane

Schluter DITRA-DRAIN is a drainage membrane designed specifically for use with thin-bed ceramic and stone tile assemblies in exterior applications.
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Schluter DITRA DRAIN is a drainage membrane designed specifically for use with thin-bed ceramic and stone tile installations in exterior applications. Ditra-Drain is made of a studded polyethylene sheet with a laminated polypropylene filter fabric. This dual coating provides uncoupling and drainage protection in a variety of exterior applications, including patio areas, walkways, balconies, and more.

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More Information
Weight (lbs.) 12.46 / 32.66
Non-Returnable No
Manufacturer Schluter
Warranty Limited 10 Year Warranty
Dimensions (L x W x H) 3.3' x 33' x 1/8" / 3.3' x 82' x 1/8"
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Customer Questions
What thin set do we use on top of the Detra drain for Coral tile?
There is no simple answer here. 1st thing to know is that all exterior schluter products (ditra drain) would only carry a 3 year warranty and all aspects of the project would need to be evaluated by a local Schluter rep to approve warranty. Aside from that everything would be a best recommendation, no warranty if you chose to bypass the exterior warranty process. Regarding the Coral Tile, it is best to aquire a data sheet from the manufacture as to what products they recommed for installation. They have most likey done some trial and error with multiple products to see what thin-set work best with their specific product. Please let us know how you would like to proceed and we get get you intouch with your local Schluter rep. 
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